Here’s who I am…

I’m a half-Japanese/half-white American woman. I’m a book editor, book reviewer, mug and scarf collector, lover of diverse literature, sucker for wordplay and puns, and self-named Righter of Words (you know, because of the aforementioned editing thing and pun thing).

My favorite genres are science-fiction, fantasy, and young adult, but I also read nonfiction, mystery, general fiction, and am willing to give just about anything a try!

Here’s what I do here…

My blog posts will mostly be reviews of books I have just finished (which is a never-ending task; my to-read list is over one hundred titles long!).

Some of my other posts will be analyses of television shows and films in addition to movies, but these analyses will always be tied, in some way, to literature. I also plan to write other sorts of posts: tips for university, commentary on certain storytelling tropes or genres, grammar rants, and—if I’m feeling really confidentwriting tips.

… So let’s have some fun!

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Questions? Contact me (see the link in the menu) and let’s talk! At the moment, though, I am not accepting solicitations for reviews; I have access to books through my work, and only write these reviews for fun.

*exits, pursuing a dragon*