Book Reviews by Authors (N-Z)

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A quick word on my rating system: My ratings are entirely subjective, based solely on my own thoughts and opinions and observations of the books. I do not receive anything for reviewing these books, monetary or otherwise. I rate the books on a scale of 1–10, with 1 being worst and 10 being best. These reviews include both ARCs and completed novels.


Ness, Patrick

Neville, Kim

Newman, T. J.

Noah, Trevor

North, Anna


Obama, Michelle

Okorafor, Nnedi

Older, Malka

O’Neill, Katie

Orczy, Baroness

Oseman, Alice

Oshiro, Mark

Otsuka, Julie


Parker, Lucy

Paulsen, Bree

Pek, Jane

Penner, Sarah

Perry, Sarah

Poston, Ashley

Pratchett, Terry

Price, Tirzah

Prose, Nita



Reid, Kiley

Reid, Taylor Jenkins

Reintgen, Scott

Riccio, Christine

Richardson, Rhiannon

Riordan, Rick

Rogers, Morgan

Ross, Helen Klein (editor)

Ross, Kathryn H.

Roth, Veronica

Roux, Madeleine


Saadawi, Ahmed

Saenz, Benjamin Alire

Sain, Ginny Myers

Saint, Jennifer

Salisbury, Melinda

Sanderson, Brandon

Savage, Melissa

Schumacher, Ashley

Schur, Michael

Schwab, Victoria (V. E.)

Sebastian, Cat

Selznick, Brian

Senf, Lora

Shannon, Samantha

Shepherd, Peng

Sherwood, Monica

Shetterly, Margot Lee

Shields, Breeana

Shusterman, Neal and Jarrod Shusterman

Shusterman, Neal

Silverman, Laura

Smith, Sasha Peyton

Snicket, Lemony

Solomon, Rachel Lynn

Solomon, Rivers

Soontornvat, Christina

Stevenson, Robert Louis

Stone, Nic

stoner, tammy lynne

Stowell, Louie

Sugiura, Misa

Swann, Stacey

Symes-Smith, Esme


Tahir, Sabaa

Takei, George

Tan, Sue Lynn

Taylor, Emily J.

Taylor, Laini

Thomas, Angie

Thomas, Sherry

Thor, Rosiee

Thuras, Dylan and Cecily Wong

Timberlake, Amy

Tolkien, J. R. R.

Townsend, Jessica

Tran, Trang Tranh

Tucci, Stanley

Tuma, Refe

Turton, Stuart



Van Eekhout, Greg


Wang, Jen

Warga, Jasmine

Waters, Martha

Weir, Andy

Wendig, Chuck

White, Kiersten

Whitehead, Colson

Whitfield, Clare

Williams, Eley

Williams, Pip



Yen, Jennifer

Ying, Victoria


Zahler, Diane

Zhang, Jenny Tinghui

Zhao, Xiran Jay

Zoboi, Ibi

Zusak, Markus