Susanna Clarke & V. E. Schwab News—My Thoughts

If I’d written this post the day I learned this news, you’d just be reading keyboard smashes. Luckily, I waited a few days to write this. I’m still excited, but in a more coherent way now.

So last week, Bloomsbury announced that they’re going to be publishing TWO NEW NOVELS by Susanna Clarke, author of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, one of my favorite books. We don’t have any details on the second book, but the forthcoming Piranesi sounds unusual and beautiful, and I CANNOT WAIT. Here’s a link to the summary.

It has been 15 years since Clarke has published a full-length novel. We got The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories in 2006, but nothing since then. Fortunately for me, I only got obsessed with Clarke’s writing in 2015, when I discovered the brilliant BBC adaptation of Strange & Norrell. Still, even this relatively short wait hasn’t been fun. I need more of her writing, ASAP. 

From the description, Piranesi sounds a bit like The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern in tone, but also very like Clarke’s usual fairytale-like style and story. I still haven’t lost hope on getting a sequel to Strange & Norrell someday, but this will do for now. Also, the promise of there being two upcoming novels from Bloomsbury makes me wonder if perhaps the second one is that very sequel.

As for V. E. Schwab, she recently announced on her social media that Derek Kolstad, writer of the John Wick films, is adapting A Darker Shade of Magic for Sony. I did some searching but I couldn’t find confirmation that it’ll be a feature film or a tv show, though I suspect the former. (If I had a say, though, I’d vote for the latter, since it lends itself well to adapting books—just look at Strange & Norrell or Good Omens, and you’ll see what I mean.)

Assuming it’s a film, I have a question. Is it just based on the first book? (Please yes; there’s too much story otherwise.) I also want to know things like who is directing, what the budget is, who is casting, how much influence does Schwab have over this project, and how soon can I see this?!

Clearly I just have to be patient and wait for more news on both these fronts, but either way, I am EXCITED.

Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi is slated for publication in September 2020; the Darker Shade adaptation right now has no filming schedule or director, let alone a release date. But hey, I’m thrilled nonetheless. I will probably post some of my personal casting opinions, in case I end up being right and want to prove it later.

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